Getting More Leads by Redesigning and Rebuilding a Website

Of course, this won’t work for everybody. I’ve explained the 2 main components that need to work properly in order to get leads from the website and those are:

  • Targeting the right people
  • Having the right content on the website.

If the website is not getting any relevant visitors then this method just won’t work. But, if the website you are working on is getting some relevant traffic, you can immediately start to get more leads with a proper website redesign.

Unfortunately, a lot of people look separately at websites and marketing. These two are crucial screws that need to work together in order to produce great results.

Here is an example: Landscaping client wanted to expand and start getting more leads. I redesigned his previous website and he started to get a lot more leads immediately.

Here is why this happened:

  • His website was already receiving some traffic. His website was showing up when somebody searched for landscaping companies in his area, but his website wasn’t able to explain and answer the concerns that his potential customers had, which is why they would rarely contact him. So, when I redesigned his website, it explained all services pretty clearly, I emphasized the previous projects he worked on, I showed the users the experience of previous customers and I worked on a lot of smaller details. This helped people trust his business more. People could see his amazing work, learn more about him and the company, see what other people that have worked with him think, etc.

Here is a link to the website

  • By redesigning his website, I also optimized it so that Google can easily understand what his business is about. For this reason, Google started to show his business more frequently when somebody searched for a landscaping company or any landscaping services that he provides.
This is the increase in calls just from the Google Business Listing that jumped up in rankings after the redesign.
  • He doesn’t live in a really competitive area, which means that he doesn’t have to compete with dozens of other landscaping companies. When people would compare his company with others, they would all look really bad compared to his company.


After the website redesign, the website actually started to produce leads while previously it would rarely happen. Over the past 3 months, the website received 28 leads just through the contact forms on the website (these are the real leads, I am not even counting the people that are asking some other questions)

The website also received 24 calls from people that visited the website, liked what they saw, and called the company right away.

If you have ranked a website really high but you can’t seem to get the results that you need, a website redesign might be what you need. I will write more articles that explain how I redesign my client websites.