Getting 245% More Calls Just by Optimizing GMB Listing

The first thing that I do whenever I get a small business client is check if they have a Google Business Listing, how many reviews they have, how optimized is their GMB listing and what kind of results they got so far (calls, website visits).

A lot of businesses I work with already have a GMB listing but they never really worked on it and some of the businesses I work with don’t even have a GMB listing nor do they know what it actually is.

It’s much easier to get results if you work on a listing that’s been live for a longer period of time because Google trusts that business more than it would trust a completely new listing.

But, even for the new business listings, it usually takes up to 3 months to start getting leads.

Let’s take a look at this immigration lawyer client of mine. Her business is located in a really competitive area and in a large city with over 600k people. I wasn’t able to work on her website at all, I only had access to her GMB listing.

Here is what I worked on:

  • Sending local backlinks to the website to give it more authority.
  • Optimized the GMB listing.

Here is what happened:

The number of calls her business got immediately jumped up, 245.5% more than the last year for the same time period, just by optimizing her GMB listing.

Why did this happen?

By optimizing her GMB listing, I gave Google a much better idea of what her business is about and what’s her targeted audience. By sending relevant links to her website, I gave a reason to Google to trust this website a bit more over the other ones in her area.

Another thing that’s extremely important to think about is how the users see your GMB listing from the outside? What happens if they Google your company?

That’s why reviews, business name, cover image and even the description is going to play a large factor when people look up businesses online.

Here is why I love Google Business Listings

There are a ton of reasons why I love Google Business Listings because it’s just awesome for generating a lot of leads, but I will just mention a few in this article.

You show up above organic search results

When somebody searches for a business in their area, they first see Google Ads, then they will see a local pack (top 3 GMB listings) and only after that they will see other search results.

Your business gets a lot more attention

Organic search results often blend together and it’s not really easy to stand out. It’s also really difficult to get an idea of how reputable is the company you are checking out. Google Business Listing shows businesses in the local area, their business name, category (which gives you the idea of what they do), and most importantly, their reviews.

When people see that your business has a ton of reviews, it will immediately get a lot of attention, especially if your competitors don’t have a lot of them.

Your business can get calls directly from Google

A lot of people aren’t even going to visit your website, a lot of them will just choose the company that looks the most reputable and call it immediately. Companies in the top 3 spots (local pack) get the most calls and website visitors.