Results-Oriented Marketing Approach

Something I noticed a lot of times is that a ton of marketers don’t track the right metrics.

It all depends on the project, but every single project has certain expectations where the client wants to get certain results.

It’s extremely important to use the right metric to measure the success of the campaign.

For example, if the client wants to get more leads, those leads should actually be a metric that will let us know if the campaign was a success or if it wasn’t a success.

This sounds pretty obvious, but it’s pretty common to see a lot of marketing companies focus on irrelevant metrics, they focus on tracking the rankings, they get obsessed with the traffic that the website is getting, etc.

It’s not that these don’t matter, these metrics are extremely important. But we need to make sure that we focus on tracking the results of these campaigns because the clients are not paying for keyword positions, they are paying for actual results. (In most cases at least)

Most common metrics I use

It all depends on the project because sometimes, clients don’t necessarily want more leads. Maybe the goal is to look more professional or to get more brand exposure, etc.

But, since lead generation is generally the easiest concept to understand and track, I will use it as an example.

Let’s say that my client is a local business owner that has a goal to increase the number of leads that he is getting so that he can grow his business. He wants to focus on SEO because it’s a great long-term strategy.

In this case, I would probably focus on improving:

  • Google Business Listing of this business
  • Official website

So, for this project, the metrics I would most commonly use would be:

  • Contact Form Enquiries
  • Calls that came directly from Google (GMB Listing)
  • Calls that came directly from the website

Some of the things that you can track can also be:

  • People that have opened the email from the website
  • People that visited the Contact page
  • PDF Downloads, etc.

I will also later explain how I configure/track all of these completely for free using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Beautiful Sight

Then, after long and hard work, you can sit down, grab your tea or a cup of coffee and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

It’s also pretty amazing when you can send the report to your client and show them exactly how many people called their business, how many people filled out the form, etc.

GMB (Google Business Listing) will take care of all results tracking for you:

Lundy's Last Month

Tracking results over the website is a little bit more difficult but once you get used to it, it will be extremely simple as well. Here is an example of what it would look like:

I will show how I configure all of these in one of my other posts as well!