Website Redesign | Easiest Way To Get More Leads

Website redesign is the easiest way to get more leads. When I get a new client that already has a website that’s getting any traffic, the first thing that I consider is to rebuild and redesign the client website from scratch.

Here is why this works so well:

Website is the most important part of any marketing campaign. Why? Because you will invest a ton of time and effort in marketing only to send people to your website, but what happens after they get on the website?

Website is the foundation of any marketing, and if the foundation is unstable, everything else will be unstable as well.

Usually, this immediately helps the business start to generate more leads, but, only if they actually get the relevant audience to the website. If nobody is visiting the website, it doesn’t matter how good it might be, it’s not going to produce leads.

What is a “Good Website”?

When a developer talks about a good website, it’s usually about the technical aspects of the website.

When a marketer talks about a good website, it’s usually just about the content on the website.

I am somewhere right in the middle.

A website needs to be built properly so that it’s scalable, secure and so that it doesn’t have any issues. But, at the same time, it needs to have the proper content on the website in order to convert the traffic into leads.

My main goal with most of the projects is to help businesses scale up their business using the internet (help them get more leads, help them look professional, etc.).

This is why I build my websites with WordPress and with tools that I have used for a long period of time and the tools that I trust. I also frequently make modifications to the website and building custom websites would take me 10x more time to do.

What kind of content a good website needs to have?

This depends on the industry that you are in. Here is how I like to explain it:

When a potential customer visits your website, he will have certain questions that he wants to answer. This visitor basically wants to verify that you are the company that can help him solve his problem. Depending on the product/service that you are selling, potential customers might have a couple of questions or a dozen questions in their minds.

Our goal is to assure them that your company can help them solve their problems.

Here is an example:

Somebody wants to remove a tree in their yard, so they look up on Google what kind of landscaping companies are near them. They see your company and they click on your website to find out more. What kind of content would help assure this visitor that you can help them?

  • Signs that you work in their area (headings, text, map, etc.)
  • Pictures of your crew working on a tree removal job.
  • Pictures of tools required to remove a tree somewhere in the background.
  • Testimonials from previous clients saying how you removed their tree.
  • Testimonials from your clients explaining how great it was to work with you.
  • Pictures of you and your crew.
  • Some content about your company, who are you? Why should someone trust you? etc.

These questions might be overkill, but this is just an example of what somebody might have in mind when they are contacting someone. Some people wouldn’t even look at your website, some people would see that you have a lot of reviews on Google and they would call you directly from Google. But, without improving the website, you would be missing out on a lot of potential customers.